Top 60 Kayla Patterson Nude Pics

Kayla Patterson is a true American sweetheart. She is a white girl from South Carolina with amazing titties and a juicy fat ass. Even though she is only 19 years old, she already has a smoking hot body. Her curves are driving men insane, and they brought her so much fame online.

Kayla Patterson’s TikTok porn video leaked online

She became popular after she started posting thirst traps on TikTok. She posts lip-sink videos, sexy dances, outfit checks, and daily vlogs. She gained millions of followers soon after she turned 18. And her TikToks became sluttier once she became an adult. She’s not signed up with any modeling agency or anything like that. All her fame with horny men on the internet is organic. She’s a genuine hottie with a positive attitude and a seductive look in her eyes.

If you like her curves and shapes, you’ll be happy to know that we put together a fresh pack of Top 60 Kayla Patterson hot pics that can please the naughty daydreams that you have of her. All the hot pics we listed in the following article come with naughty commentary that will make your experience much spicier. But before we dive in, let’s go through the key info of her biography.

Kayla Patterson Bio:

Birthday: January 20, 2004

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Age: 19

Birthplace: South Carolina, USA

Height: 5 Feet and 5 Inches

Weight: 127 lbs.

Bra Size: 32 C


  • TikTok (@thekaylapatterson) 2.3M

  • Instagram (@kaylapatterson) 338k

  • YouTube (@kaylapatterson1584) 27.4K

Lately, rumors say that she is in the works with some agencies to launch her career in modeling or advertising. She has the right image for the American public. She’s a pure American white girl with a strong patriotic spirit, and she is in touch with her South Carolina roots. She’s often seen at Football games, she pridely wears the nation’s flag, and she even goes hunting with her friends and family, wearing all camo and getting dirty in mud.

So, if you’re into young American women, she’s your sweetheart. Let’s dive into a selection of her best pictures right down below.

Enjoy These Awesome Kayla Patterson Ass Pics Mega Pack

Kayla Patterson’s Big Juicy Ass In A Pink Dress At The Beach

Kayla Patterson big ass

Let’s start the fun with this epic photo of Kayla Patterson’s big fat ass in a pink dress at the beach. She is a true PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl). Just imagine that fat ass grinding on your cock. Or even better, imagine her sitting on your face with those massive buttocks.

This Booty Pic Of Kayla Patterson Is A Piece Of Art

Kayla Patterson booty

Kayla looks like a statue in this hot pic. The angle is perfect, all the curves on her body are sublime, and her ass looks out of this world. The only thing that would make this photo hotter would be a splash of cum on that big ass covered in black.

Kayla Patterson’s Big Juicy Ass Compared To The Booty Or A Regular Girl Her Age

Kayla Patterson tushy

The only way to realize just how big of an ass Kayla has is to compare it with the booty of a regular chick. Her friend’s ass in this picture is quite big. But it’s nowhere as big as Kayla’s.

Kayla Patterson Has The Best Ass In The Club

Kayla Patterson ass

Here’s another pic of Kayla’s ass compared to other girls. She has the best ass in the club, and you can figure that out from the smirk on her face. She must feel so great knowing that she’s the hottest on the dance floor.

Kayla Patterson Juicy Ass At The Beach In A Blue Bikini

Kayla Patterson sexy ass

Imagine going to the beach and seeing Kayla walk along the shore with that fat ass. You’d get instantly hard and have to get on your belly to hide your erection. Now imagine you meet her at a nude beach. That would be such a dream!

Kayla Patterson Shows Off Massive Ass To Make Her Friend Jealous

Kayla Patterson phat ass

Another picture of Kayla’s ass next to the booty of a regular girl. But this time, she is wearing a sexy bikini. Again, she has that smirk of a girl who knows that she’s the hottest bitch around.

Kayla Patterson Juicy Booty In A Jeans Overall

Kayla Patterson ass in jeans

Kayla is getting ready for a walk around her neighborhood. She can be crazy hot even though she’s not trying that hard. Just look at those thick thighs. Gosh!

Kayla Patterson Hot Ass In A Hot Tub

Kayla Patterson hot tub

We wonder who is the lucky guy who snapped this pic of her booty in a hot tub. He surely got to bang her that night. She looks at him like she’s down to fuck.

Kayla Patterson Booty In Pajamas On Christmas Morning

Kayla Patterson pajamas

Who wouldn’t love waking up on Christmas morning and having Kayla dressed in those pajamas next to the Christmas tree? She’d be the perfect gift for a horny guy like you. That ass is the perfect gift.

Kayla Patterson Hot Juicy Ass On The Lake

Kayla Patterson thick ass

This pic was surely taken after Kayla enjoyed a ride with that powerful boat. She looks like her pussy has been pleased. And if you know anything about powerful boats, you know those seats vibrate like crazy when they run at full speed. Maybe she even had an orgasm in the middle of the lake, one way or another.

Kayla Patterson Booty In A Pair Of Blue Shorts

Kayla Patterson shorts

Any girl would be this happy and confident if she’d rock such a big juicy booty. She looks amazing in those shorts and her skin is perfectly tanned.

Kayla Patterson Booty In Boxers

Kayla Patterson anal

Wouldn’t you put your dick right up her ass? And if you would, that’s the face Kayla would make. She’s half shocked and half impressed. But 100% pleased.

Kayla Patterson Throwing It Back With Her Tongue Out

Kayla Patterson butt cheeks

And since we are talking about putting your dick between those massive butt cheeks, here’s another picture to make your image clearer. In this pic she’s basically inviting you to fantasize about fucking her from behind.

Kayla Patterson Nude-Like Photo For Sexting

Kayla Patterson nude

Now for another fantasy. Imagine she’s your girlfriend and she is sending you this pic just to tease you while you are at work. Or, if you are into cuckolding, imagine the guy in the back is about to fuck her, and she is taunting you.

Kayla Patterson Getting Her Ass Eaten By Two Girlfriends

Kayla Patterson lesbian

All her friends are jealous on her ass. You know she’s the leader of any girl group. Check out these two submissive girlies worshiping her big juicy ass in front of a mirror. She’s such a boss babe!

Kayla Patterson’s Big Juicy Ass In Sweat Pants

Kayla Patterson sweat pants

That fat ass looks good in anything she would wear. Here’s her juicy trunk in a pair of regular sweatpants.

Kayla Patterson Booty In Tight Jeans

Kayla Patterson tight jeans

And here it is again in a pair of regular jeans. Those aren’t skinny jeans, by the way. Those are regular jeans which look skinny on her big fat ass.

Kayla Patterson Dressed As A Sexy Cowgirl

Kayla Patterson cowgirl

We’ve mentioned before that she is a true American girl. Here she is wearing a cowgirl outfit at a rodeo, showing off her booty in a regular pair of jeans that again look tight on her round booty.

Kayla Patterson Wearing Sexy Boxers Around The House

Kayla Patterson boxers

And for a final pic of Kayla’s ass section of this site, we picked a candid shot of her ass in boxer underwear. Wouldn’t you jerk off all day if she’d be your stepsis, walking around the house dressed like that?

The Hottest Kayla Patterson Boobs Pics

Kayla Patterson’s Nip Slip Was So Close In This Bra Pic

Kayla Patterson tits

All the pictures in this next pack of Kayla Patterson titties are awesome. But we want to start with this because it’s the closest we got to a nip slip. She looks so hot in this bra. How good would it feel to slip your hand in there and feel her hard nipples?

Kayla Patterson’s Juicy Round Tits

Kayla Patterson boobs

In this pic you can realize how big and round her tits are. And her chest looks so hot with tan lines and freckles.

Kayla Patterson Playing With Her Tits

Kayla Patterson boobies

Just enjoy this hot pic of Kayla grabbing on her big titties. Not even she can stop herself from playing with them.

Kayla Patterson’s Sexting Selfie

Kayla Patterson lips

Imagine getting this picture in your DM one night from Kayla, letting you know she’s home alone and ready for a booty call.

Kayla Patterson Looking Hot In A Sexy Black Dress

Kayla Patterson cleavage

She looks so badass in this pic. Those lips could suck on your dick, and the cleavage would let you cum on her chest without spotting her dress while she blows you in the bathroom at a dinner party.

Kayla Patterson’s Big Tits In A Pink Dress

Kayla Patterson downblouse

She looks like such a baddie in this photo. And she gives us an amazing downblouse view between her big round titties.

Kayla Patterson’s Awesome Round Tits On The Lake

Kayla Patterson juicy tits

Another awesome picture of her at the lake in which you can enjoy the true form and shape of her titties.

Kayla Patterson’s Big Tits In A Red Top

Kayla Patterson tight body

Doesn’t she look like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch wearing this sexy red top and rocking those nice titties and the blonde hair?

Kayla Patterson’s Big Round Titties In A Sexy Outfit

Kayla Patterson bra

Here’s a sexy front size view of an outfit that was presented earlier in the booty section of this top.

Kayla Patterson Sexy Tan Lines And Freckles

Kayla Patterson tan lines

This is the best titty pic of her tan lines that we could find. She was burned by the Sun. Her skin is scaling, and she has amazing freckles.

Kayla Patterson Hot Tits In A Sexy Dress

Kayla Patterson sexy dress

She looks a bit like a Latina in this dress. And she has that passion in her eyes that Latinas have when they want to fuck you!

Kayla Patterson Getting Ready For New Year’s Eve

Kayla Patterson elegant dress

Here’s a picture of her preparing for a wild New Year’s party in a sexy black dress with a crazy cleavage.

Hottest Kayla Patterson Pussy Pics

Kayla Patterson Sexy Pussy In Pink Panties

Kayla Patterson camel toe

Isn’t that camel toe so sweet? I bet the inside of her pussy is the same pink color of her panties.

Kayla Patterson’s Camletoe In Bikini

Kayla Patterson pussy

She looks so hot when she is extra-tanned. And this cammle toe is amazing. You can perfectly see her pussy lips and the shape of her buttocks in the background.

Kayla Patterson’s Clit In A Swimsuit

Kayla Patterson vagina

She looks like she’s enjoying the feeling of those panties yanked into her pussy. That like is surely her clit.

Kayla Patterson’s Thigh Gap In Tight Leggings

Kayla Patterson thigh gap

Even though she has such a big ass and awesome thick thighs, she still rocks an awesome thigh gap.

These Kayla Patterson Nipple Pics Will Make You Lick Your Screen

Kayla Patterson Boob Shape And Nipple In A Top With No Bra

Kayla Patterson nipples

This hot pic of Kayla shows an awesome side view of her boobie shape. She has such a nice nipple placement.

Kayla Patterson Nipples In A White T-Shirt

Kayla Patterson nips

The only thing that would make this picture hotter would be if she wore nipple piercings. And we’re sure she’ll get them some day.

Kayla Patterson’s Hard Nips In A Red Top

Kayla Patterson no bra

Another great pic of her big titties in red with her nipples hard and showing from under her top.

The Hottest Kayla Patterson’s Hard Nipples Picture

Kayla Patterson hard nipples

The ultimate pic of her hard nipples. She knew exactly what she was doing with this selfie. And we love her for giving us the chance to admire her delicious nipples.

The Sexiest Kayla Patterson Bikini Pics

Kayla Patterson Checking Herslef In The Mirror

Kayla Patterson bikini

She’s so hot she can’t even stop from checking herself in the mirror. And check out that sexy piercing in her belly button. Now we’re sure she’s going to get her nipples pierced pretty soon.

Kayla Patterson Sexy Time At The Beach

Kayla Patterson swimsuit

Just look at the sexy way she’s yanking her panties in her pussy. Her cameltoe is showing. So hot!

Kayla Patterson Ready To Get Wet

Kayla Patterson at the beach

We know that we posted a similar pic of her earlier, but her ass is too hot not to feature another one in the same bikini.

Kayla Patterson Looking Sexy At The Pool

Kayla Patterson sexy

We wonder how those boys can look away from such a sexy young babe sunbathing in her bikini at the pool.

Kayla Patterson Kneeling On The Beach

Kayla Patterson beach

She looks so good kneeling. Look at those things. Wouldn’t you bury your face in her crotch?

Kayla Patterson Showing Off Her Boobies On Snapchat

Kayla Patterson snapchat

Such a sexy pic of her in a bikini showing off her titties and bellybutton on Snapchat.

Kayla Patterson Oiled Up In Her Snapchat Story

Kayla Patterson oiled up

Do you like oiled-up chicks? Too bad that she didn’t show us her oiled-up ass. But we’re okay with just a front view. Your white jizz would look amazing on that tanned belly.

Sexy Pics Of Kayla Patterson’s Feet And Legs

Kayla Patterson’s Soles And Ass While She’s Kneeling On The Beach

Kayla Patterson feet

Those dirty feet look so great with her big ass resting on them. And the way she is perfectly kneeling with her back arched is amazing.

Kayla Patterson’s Sexy Legs In Public

Kayla Patterson legs

Her legs look so long and sexy in this picture. And she has such hot fertile-looking hips.

Kayla Patterson Soles And Toes In Bikini

Kayla Patterson soles

She looks so happy and her soles and toes are so cute in this photo.

Kayla Patterson’s Toes In Sandals

Kayla Patterson toes

Just a sneak peek of her toes in a pair of sandals. And those casual shorts look so good on her sexy legs.

Kayla Patterson Sexy Feet And Big Juicy Ass In A Man’s Shirt

Kayla Patterson barefoot

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing Kayla dressed up in nothing but you shirt, cooking breakfast barefoot, and expecting another round.

Kayla Patterson’s Sexy Tanned Legs

Kayla Patterson long legs

She’s the boss in any girls group. Watching a lesbian threesome with these three blondes would be a heavenly experience.

Kayla Patterson In Sexy Cowgirl Boots

Like any true American girl, Kayla has a pair of cowgirl boots. Wouldn’t you love it if she’d step all over you with those sexy boots?

Kayla Patterson Porn Pictures That Will Make You Cum

Kayla Patterson Tongue Out Ready For Cum

Kayla Patterson tongue

She looks so wild in this picture. It’s like someone is fucking her from behind and she is waiting for you to cover her face in cum.

Kayla Patterson Sexting On Snapchat

Kayla Patterson sexting

You can be sure she’s getting ready for a Snapchat sexting session in this picture.

Kayla Patterson Handjob Picture

Kayla Patterson handjob

Just imagine your cock in that delicate hand of hers, getting a handjob from such a cute angel.

Kayla Patterson Would Make A Hardcore Domina

Kayla Patterson leather

Are you into BDSM? She can be your dominatrix. We’re sure she loves turning men into her slaves. She’d make you suffer in so many dirty ways.

Kayla Patterson Wearing Sexy Flasses In The Bathtub

Kayla Patterson porn star

Any girl looks like a porn star when she’s wearing glasses. What fantasy would you prefer? Do you want her to be a young teacher or a slutty college girl?

Kayla Patterson Ahegao Pic

Kayla Patterson ahegao

This one goes for all the anime fans out there. A hot pic of Kayla making a sexy ahegao face while wearing a grim Halloween costume.

Kayla Patterson Cum Tribute Selfie

Kayla Patterson facial

And for a grand finale of this hot pic mega pack, a pic of Kayla Patterson that’s perfect for a cum tribute. Give her a facial right now!

Kayla Patterson Sexy Videos

Since Kayla is popular for her TikToks, there are many sexy videos of her. She posts so many thirst traps in which she shows off her titties and her booty. She’s great when it comes to twerking and shaking her ass. Also, she posts all sorts of sexy outfit check videos, in which she shows so much skin or in which her clothes are tight on her body. We picked up some sexy videos of Kayla Patterson. Check them out below.

Kayla Patterson’s Feet Are So Sexy And Skilled

Although there aren’t that many sexy photos of Kayla’s feet on the web, we were lucky enough to find this gem. Not only does she have great-looking feet, but they are also very skilled. The way she grabs that phone with her toes is impressive. Imagine how nicely she would wrap those feet around your cock. She could easily make you cum by giving you with just one foot.

Kayla Patterson Twerking In A SpongeBob T-Shirt

The beginning of this video is not that promising. Kayla is messing around. She wears an oversized SpongeBob t-shirt and does a silly dance. But then she starts spinning and twerking, revealing her big juicy ass bouncing like crazy. We love her way of showing off her slutty side in a jokingly playful way. It gives away that she loves showing off on the internet, but she doesn’t want to be considered a slut.

Kayla Patterson Shaking Her Ass Like A Horny Slut

We love this video of hers. Even though it might seem silly, if you look at her crotch, you’ll notice how nicely she moves her pussy. She knows how to grind on a cock. Maybe she rides her pillow when she’s horny. And then, when she turns to the side, she hits you with an amazing booty shake that would make any dick cum inside of her in seconds.

POV: You’re Fucking Kayla Patterson On Halloween Night

This is the wildest thirst trap that she ever posted. She’s costumed as a vampire, and she gives you a POV viewing experience on how it would feel if you were on top of her, railing her pussy until she starts rolling her eyes. On top of that, her makeup makes it look like she just finished deepthroating on your cock.

Kayla Patterson FAQ:

How Old Is Kayla Patterson?

Kayla Patterson is 19 years old as of 2023

What Is Kayla Patterson Known For?

Kayla is famous for her activity on TikTok where she posts dance videos and thirst traps.

How Many Followers Does Kayla Patterson Has On TikTok?

Kayla Patterson has 2.3 Million followers on TikTok.





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