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Jayden Bartels turned 18 on November 4th, 2023, and she’s trying to break into the mainstream acting world.

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Before we dive into this formidable pack of sexy pics, let’s go through some biographic details. If you don’t want to bother with bio jump to #Jayden Bartels leaked photos.

  • Jayden Bartels turned 18 on November 4th, 2023, and she’s trying to break into the mainstream acting world.
  • She’s a talented young Hollywood star known for her roles in Disney and Nickelodeon productions.
  • She also had many guest appearances in shows and movies like CBS’s Criminal Minds, The Really Loud House, Group Chat, and Grand-Daddy Day Care.
  • Besides being a formidable actress, she’s also a singer and a dancer.

Jayden Bartels Recent Nude Video:

Such a tight cute little slut, especially for that age.

Jayden Bartels onlyfans nude photos:

Jayden Bartels was born as Jayden Isabel Bartels on November 1, 2004 in Los Angeles California. Her mom’s name is Yvette, she’s a yoga instructor. She’s in charge of her daughter’s social media profiles. 

Age: 18 year

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches

Weight: 52 kg (115 lb)

Net worth: $1-2 million

Relationship status: not married

Jayden Bartels nude taking a shower
jayden bartels surprised

Lately, she’s been going through her “good girl gone bad” phase. She’s very active on TikTok and Instagram, where she posts a lot of provocative content and thirst traps.

That’s interesting because all her social media presence is handled by her yoga MILF mom.

We gathered some of those thirst traps and other hot pics of her in this mega pack of 60 sexy pics of Jayden Bartels.

The Hottest Jayden Bartels Boobs Pictures

If you like petite young women with perky natural titties, Jayden is surely a chick you’d love seeing naked.

Her small boobs are perfectly shaped to fit in your palm. Here are the best 14 pictures of Jayden Bartels’ boobs.

Jayden Batels Nip Slip Picture

jayden bartels nip slip

This is the first real Jayden Bartels nip slip, and it looks stunning. Her little boobie popped out of a red top, and it’s the color we all expected to be.

She looks even hotter with that chocker around her slim and delicate neck.

Jayden Bartels In A Sexy Fairy Dress

jayden bartels fairy tits

Any small titties girl loves wearing a corset because it makes her boobs look bigger. And Jayden is no exception.

Look how happy and sexy she feels in these photos. She has such a huge boost in confidence and a seductive look in her eyes.

Fairy Jayden Kneeling

jayden bartels sucking wand

Look how sexy Jayden looks on her knees with a corset and putting that magic wand close to her opened mouth.

She has the expressions porn stars have when they see a big black cock for the first time.

Almost Another Nip Slip

jayden bartels big boobs

Even though we didn’t see a nip slip, I’m sure her titty popped out of the tight fairy corset right after this picture was taken.

She is kneeling so well.

I bet she can be down there for as long as it takes.
Just imagine how hot a fresh load would look on that pristine chest.

Jayden’s Hard Nipples

jayden bartels hard nips

Jayden looks hot even when she’s not trying. It’s messy hair day, and she is wearing house clothes.

But she still managed to pull a sexy look. But the focus point of this picture is that hard nipple that sticks out through her top.

Maybe her car’s AC is blowing cold air on her perky titties.

Glasses Turn Her Into A Porn Star

jayden bartels glasses pornstar

The effect of glasses on a woman is always stunning. All girls look like porn stars with the right pair of spectacles on their faces.

It’s also true in the case of Jayden, who looks like a young teacher who is shocked but intrigued by seeing that you’re trying to hide a boner while staring at her tits in class.

Oiled Up Small Tits

jayden bartels oiled skin

Don’t you love young ladies in oiled-up bodies? Here’s a picture of Jayden at the beach.

She is wearing sunscreen, which makes her white skin so luscious.

Her small, perky titties in that swimsuit bra look so pretty. And we also love her cute belly button.

Badass Jayden In Red

jayden bartels tanned

Jayden looks so badass in these red leather pants with a red bra. She’s been working out hard, and her abs look amazing.

We also love her tanned skin. You can see that she has some tan lines on her perky titties.

Close Up Of Jayden’s Tanline

jayden bartels tanlines

Besides the clear tanlines on her left boobie, you can see her right boobie’s hard nipple in this picture.

And you can also see her white panties through those laced holes in her red leather pants.

The high-cut pants make her hips look so hot.

Deep Cleavage View

jayden bartels deep cleavage

She looks so dirty, bending over and letting us see those perky titties hanging off her chest.

And the way she spins her feet inward surely made her ass and pussy open wide. She looks like she has her hands tied behind her back.

Slutty Church Girl Vibes

jayden bartels seductive

She looks so pretty in this white dress, but her eyes are lustful. It’s like she knows you’re checking out her ass but doesn’t mind it.

She seems to be enjoying your attention.

Jayden Showing Off Cleavage

jayden bartels boobs squeeze

She’s intentionally showing off her titties in this picture by bending over and squeezing her chest between her arms.

That’s a trick all small-boobed girls know. But she doesn’t need to use it because she’s already so pretty with those perky titties.

Jayden Batrels In Sports Bra

jayden bartels new tattoo

She looks so tight whenever she is wearing a sports bra.

It makes her look fit and ready for action.

That tattoo is fake, but it does look good on her.

The unimpressed expression on her face is priceless.

Selfie From Her Bedroom

jayden bartels jeans and bra

Imagine having Jayden as your girlfriend and getting this selfie from her when she prepares for a date with you.

Her oral fixation makes her stick her tongue out in so many of her photos. But we love her for that!

Best Jayden Bartels Ass Pictures

Jayden also has a cute tight booty, and she loves to show it off on the internet. We have nine pics of her ass that make you want to lick your screen.

Jayden’s Ass In A Swimsuit

jayden bartels swimsuit ass

Here’s a voyeur pic of Jayden’s tight booty in a blue thong. Look how fit it is!

Jayden Bartels Upskirt Pic

jayden bartels cheerleaders upskirt

Jayden looks like Lola Bunny in Space Jam, wearing that white tank top and an orange skirt blown by the wind to reveal her legs and booty.

Her booty and panties must look so sexy under that orange cheerleader skirt.

Jayden’s Ass In Tight Jeans

jayden bartels tight jeans

The way she throws back her booty in this picture is hypnotizing.

And her ass looks fantastic in tight jeans.

Spanking that ass would feel so good. And the sound of it would be highly satisfying.

Booty In Tight Black Pants

jayden bartels black pants ass

Jayden looks like that cute young intern in your office who wants to impress older men with her youthful forms.

Would you cheat on your wife if she was your intern?

Jayden Bartels Ass In A Black Dress

jayden bartels black dress ass

Jayden looks like a slutty goth chick in this picture.

Imagine cumming on that tight ass while she is still wearing the black dress.

She does have a facial expression as if she’s looking at you jerking off to her ass.

Shaking Her Booty In The Kitchen

jayden bartels booty shake

Jayden’s booty looks good no matter what she wears. Here’s a cute pic of her shaking that ass in the kitchen while wearing shorts and a crop top.

Jayden Bartels Dressed Like Barbie

jayden bartels ass up

This pic is not from the Barbie premiere. It’s from a party in which she was dressed in all pink.

But she does look like a slutty Barbie.

She seems like she’s thinking about getting fucked while she is holding that rail to push back into a hard dick.

Jayden Bartels Bathroom Pic

jayden bartels sexy pajamas

Imagine if she wasn’t wearing those pajama pants.

What a gorgeous view over her tight holes we would have had.

Jayden’s Ass In Fishnets

jayden bartels seethrough dress

The blackness of her fishnet dress and black panties makes her ass look so pale and delicious in this picture.

Her boots make her leg seem longer, and her ass seem tighter.

Jayden Bartels And Jules LeBlanc Lesbian Pictures

Judes LeBlanc is Jayden Bartels‘ best friend. And their fans not only suspect but also hope they are more than friends. Everyone thinks they are lesbian lovers.

And while they haven’t confirmed it yet, they indeed look like they’re experimenting with each other.

Let’s check out some of their hottest lesbian thirst traps.

Black And White Lesbians

jayden bartels and jules leblanc

Jayden looks like she’s seducing Jules in this pic. And Jules looks a bit afraid but eager to have her first lesbian experience.

Some of their fans are sure they’ve experimented with each other. So far, nothing has been confirmed. But they do act like they’ve done it.

Jayden Licking Cake Off Jules’ Face

jayden bartels licks jules leblanc

This picture was taken on Jules LeBlanc’s 18th birthday, and Jayden is licking whipped cream off her face.

Wouldn’t you like to see Jayden lick cream off other body parts?

Hot Lesbian Kissing

jayden bartels tongue kissing jules

The tongue action in this photo is so intense. Jules looks like she’s playing, but Jayden is all horned up and ready to go.

Check out the way she pushes her fingers under her thigh. It’s like she’s fingering a pussy.

Maybe it’s a subtle way of telling her what they will do later at night.

Jayden And Jules In Stockings Ready For Halloween

jayden bartels catgirl halloween

Jayden and Jules dress up as slutty catgirls, ready to shake their tight booties all night at a Halloween party.

They’re wearing matching cat ears, cat paws, and fishnet stockings.

I wonder if they’re also wearing matching panties. Or if they’re wearing panties at all.

Jayden Would Love Fucking Jules From Behind

jayden bartels strap on

In a lesbian relationship, Jayden would be the one who wears the strap-on when they’re fucking.

She loves being behind Jules. Surely, it’s not their first time in this position.

Jules LeBlanc Is In Love With Jayden

jayden bartels chocked

Look at this picture if you need more proof that Jules and Jayden are entirely in love. There’s so much lust in both their eyes.

They look like they’re about to break into a passionate tongue-kissing session.

Hottest Jayden Bartels Bikini Pictures

Jayden has been posting tons of bikini photos in the past year. And we made a selection of the best ones for you.

Jayden Showing Off Her New Tattoo

jayden bartels beach tattoo

Jay loves posting these bikini pics because she can show off her new underboob tattoo. Her thighs look so juicy in this photo.

Such A Cute Slutty Pose

jayden bartels jeans and panties

There’s nothing hotter than a girl unbuttoning her pants to show off her panties. Her hips look lovely with those high-cut bikini bottoms.

Selfie From The Beach

jayden bartels bikini selfie

Her tiny waist looks so cute in this bikini selfie, and the way she plays with her hair is so lovely.

Bikini Thirst Post From The Beach

jayden bartels slutty bikini

This bikini selfie looks straight out of a leaked sexting conversation. Who wouldn’t love getting a selfie like this from Jayden?

Hard Nipples In Bikinis

jayden bartels bikini nipples

Her titties look delicious in this bikini top. You can see both of her hard nipples.

The water must be cold, or she must be horny.

And we love those straps that wrap around her torso.

It makes us think about bondage.

Barefoot Bikini Pose On A Rock

jayden bartels bikini feet

Here’s another picture of Jayden in the same blue panties and black bikini top, in which she spreads her arms and shows off her long legs.

Her feet look so delicious.

Jayden Bartels Feet And Legs Pics

Jayden Bartels will be your favorite Hollywood star if you are into legs and feet. Her feet are so delicate. Here are some of the hottest pics of her for your fetish.

Jayden Barefoot On A Chair

jayden bartels feet mistress

This is an excellent pic of Jayden for those who dream of worshiping toes and soles. She would make a perfect bratty mistress.

You would love kneeling in front of her and worshiping her feet while she’s relaxing in her chair.

And she’s light enough to step on your face and onto other parts of your body without crushing them.

Barefoot Goth Jayden Bartels

jayden bartels goth feet

She looks so badass in this barefoot picture. And we appreciate the attention to detail. The black polish on her toes matches the rest of her outfit.

Chilling After A Yoga Workout

yoga feet jayden bartels

Jayden learned everything about yoga from her mom, and she can carry out workouts by herself. She does it every day. That’s why she is so tight and flexible. She’d be perfect for all kinds of acrobatic sex positions.

Barefoot Jayden On A Dark Aley

jayden bartels public barefoot

Imagine drinking all night in the club with Jayden and walking her home. She ditched her high heels long ago to walk barefoot in the dirty alleys. And she found a spot where she could show you a good time.

Jayden’s Long Legs

jayden bartels long legs

A nice view over Jayden’s long legs while she’s lying on the floor. Those skinny legs would feel so great on your shoulders.

Jayden Sunbathing Barefoot

jayden bartels skinny legs

This picture shows you that Jayden is perfect from head to toe. This pic perfectly showcases her feet, long legs, cute booty, and perky titties while she’s enjoying the hot summer Sun.

Jayden Bartels Teasing Pictures And Thirst Traps

In this special section of our Jayden Bartels sexy pics megapack, you can enjoy some of her sluttiest and most seductive thirst traps.

Jayden Bartel Ahegao Face

jayden bartels ahegao face

Fans of hentai surely adore this Jayden Bartels ahegao selfie. Just imagine she would do this with a face full of cum. You can use this pic for your celebrity cum tribute.

Jayden Bartels Orgasm Face

jayden bartels orgasm face

If you could make Jayden cum on your dick, this is the face she would do. We love both the art style and the outfit she is wearing in this photo. Everything has such a BDSM vibe.

Jayden Kneeling In The Streets

jayden bartels kneeling in public

There’s something so hot about such a sexy girl kneeling in a dark, dirty alley. The only reason such a cutie would drag you into a dark alley is to have you rail her in public.

Jayden Bartels Spreading Her Legs

jayden bartels spreading legs

Only if she wouldn’t wear those overalls to let us stare right between her legs. She looks so badass in those black leather boots.

Endless Possibilities

jayden bartels bent over

This hot photo leaves so much for the imagination. But most men imagine taking her from behind while she bends over like that in high heels.

Others might imagine eating her pussy and ass in this position.

Jayden Bartels Licking Her Fingers

jayden bartels tastes pussy

This is such a daring thirst trap from Jayden. There are two reasons why she would lick her fingers like that.

She either tastes herself or she tastes someone else.

Golden Hour Thirst Trap

jayden bartels playboy

She looks so beautiful in the light of a sunset. And the outfit she’s wearing is exciting.

It’s like she’s coming straight out of Mad Max.

That PlayBoy necklace completes her naughty outfit.

Upskirt From Behind

jayden bartels doggystyle

That’s the face she would do if you’d lift her skirt and take her from behind.

You can almost hear the sweet moan she would let out just by looking at this picture.

Unimpressed Jayden Bartels In A White Dress

jayden bartels dominant

She’s so hot and so classy at the same time. Jayden looks like a lady boss in this photo, and she’s not impressed with you checking her out.

But we are impressed with that upskirt view of her crotch and with her hard nipples that are popping through her white dress.

Jayden Bartels Bimbo Pose

jayden bartels spanking

This pic has a slutty, innocent vibe and would please any bimbo lover. Look at that little booty.

Wouldn't you spank it and then take her from behind while she still has her pink dress on?

Jayden’s Seductive Lips

jayden bartels seductive

Although she’s young, Jayden has the seductive skills of a cougar. Hollywood can teach a woman how to overpower a man with just the look in her eyes.

Jayden Bartels As A Mistress

jayden bartels  bdsm

Jayden is dressed in a complete mistress outfit in this photo. Imagine the pain she would put you through if she’d be your domina for a night.

We hope to see her in a badass role that can reveal her dominant personality.

Fully Clothed In The Bathtub

jayden bartels bondage

There’s something about seeing a fully clothed goth babe in an empty bathtub photographed and filmed from this angle.

I’ll let you imagine why she might need to be in a bathtub like this.

Jayden Bartels Home Alone At Night

jayden bartels home alone

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Jayden call you late at night for a booty call and to have her welcome you like this in her hallway while she’s home alone?

She looks so horny in this pic.

Submissive Jayden Bartels Kneeling

jayden bartels submissive

She can also play an innocent role because she’s such a great actress.

Look at the way her legs are folded in this kneeling pic. She has the perfect form with her hands behind her back.

Jayden Bartels Nude Leaks

We kept the dirtiest pics for last.

With no further ado, here are some Jayden Bartels nudes that will please all those crazy dreams you’ve had about her petite naked body.

Jayden Bartels Topless Selfie

jayden bartels naked tits

Aren’t Jayden’s tits so perfect?

Anyone who is into petite girls would drool all over those perky little titties. And I’m sure anyone can agree that her nipples are the perfect shape and size.

Imagine squeezing them between your lips while you slide your hand into those cute panties.

Jayden Bartels Hairy Pussy In The Car

jayden bartels hairy pussy

Jayden is the kind of girl who would be so naughty while in the car with you.

Look how awesome her hard nipple sits against the seatbelt.

It almost takes your attention away from that cute, hairy pussy.

Jayden Bartels Nude Tiktok Dance

jayden bartels naked dancing

Those cute, perky titties must be so cute when they jiggle as Jayden makes silly dances in her bedroom for her TikTok fans.

And she looks so sexy in those black laced shorts.

Jayden Bartels Sex Pic Leaked

jayden bartels pussy fucked

And here we are, at the last photo of this megapack. We kept the dirtiest picture for last. A long and thin dick would fit so well in her tight teen pussy.

The satisfied look on her face is so maddening.

Jayden Bartels nude videos as a bonus

  • Jayden Bartels is an American social media personality, YouTuber, singer and actress.
  • She is known for her roles on Disney Channel’s Coop & Cami Ask the World and Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle.
  • She also made an appearance on Dance Moms alongside Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.

Jayden Bartels FAQ:

What are Jayden Bartels’s pronouns?

  • She performed with a singing group for several years and was also part of a championship soccer team for two consecutive years.
  • She portrays Presley in Side Hustle.
  • Not only are Lex and Presley best friends but she and LeBlanc are also best.
  • The actress goes by she/they pronouns.

What age is Jayden Bartels?

18 years (November 1, 2004)

Jayden Bartels / Age

How did Jayden Bartels get famous?

Bartels is a multi-talented teenager. In 2015, she created her YouTube channel, which has almost 800,000 subscribers. She’s also a star TikToker with over eight million followers. Bartels launched her singing career in 2018.

What movies did Jayden Bartels play in?

To The Beat! – 2018

To The Beat!: Back 2 School

To the Beat 2: Back to School

Grand‑Daddy Day Care -2019

When Pigs Fly – 2016

How did Jules and Jayden become friends?

JULES: We met through mutual friends at bowling. I remember her doing more dance turns than bowling! JAYDEN: Jules was very quiet at bowling, but I could tell she was a lot of fun to be around. Did you know you’d be friends right away?

What is Jayden Bartels full name?

Jayden Isabel Bartels

Jayden Bartels was born as Jayden Isabel Bartels on November 1, 2004 in Los Angeles California.

What is Jayden Bartels in?

She is an actress, singer-songwriter, and dancer best known for her role as Peyton on Disney’s Coop and Cami. Jayden has also appeared on CBS’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Disney XD’s Walk The Prank, FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, All That, and more.






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