Elisabetta Canalis – hottest Instagram photos

So, you want to know why this person is so famous? Me too. Well, it looks like she is an actress from Italy who played roles in movies such as:

  • Party On. Guest. TV Series. 2014. …
  • Leverage. The Italian. Mystery Woman. …
  • A Natale mi sposo. Paloma. 2010.
  • Fratelli Benvenuti. Krishna. TV Series. …
  • Medici miei. Dott.ssa Vittoria Colombini (2008) TV Series. …
  • La fidanzata di papà Felicity. 2008.
  • La seconda volta non si scorda mai. Ilaria Fiorito. 2008
  • Lugner am Opernball. TV Series. 2015
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