Top 60 Nude Pictures of Carol Castro – TikTok Star

Carol Castro took the internet by storm with hundreds of TikTok thirst traps. She loves shaking her big boobs and gorgeous ass in front of the camera on any dance trend.

Carol Castro leaked video

She loves shaking more than just her big boobs and gorgeous ass in front of the camera.

We gathered her best pictures and screenshots that will serve as excellent jerk off material.

But before we dive into this massive Carol Castro sexy pics pack, here are some biographic details that will help you know her better:

Age: 18 year (born October 18, 2004)

Birthplace: Guadalajara, Mexico

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: 59 kg (115 lb)

Relationship status: Married to César Pantoja

Followers: TikTok 16M / Instagram , 3.7 M / YouTube 1M

Carol married controversial influencer César Pantoja after months of knowing each other. They began collaborating on content projects and their fans quickly noticed that they’re more than friends. They announced their engagement after two months of dating and later the same year (2022) the couple announced their Carol’s pregnancy through a YouTube video. Carol gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 18.

Now let’s dive into this massive selection of the best Carol Castro sexy pictures:

The Hottest Carol Castro Boobs Pictures

Part of Carol Castro’s overnight success on social media is thanks to her boobs. Not only are they big, but they are perfectly shaped and look great in both tight and loose bras. Her cleavage is mesmerizing. You wouldn’t be able to stop staring at it if she would be in front of you.

Carol Castro’s Massive Boobs In Red Bra

carol castro red bra

This is the hottest picture of her tits that you will find on the internet. This photo was taken after she gave birth.

You can clearly see that she already has juicy mommy milkers.

She looks so hot as a brunette. Those tits and that hair color make her look like a porn star.

It would be hard not to cum looking at this photo. We recommend resisting until the end to build up for a massive orgasm.

Boobs Too Big For Such A Small Bra

carol castro big tits in public

But she’s also hot as a blonde. This bra shows the true shape and size of her breasts.

Even though her tits are a big saggy, they are sagging in a good way. And it’s normal for them to hang a bit when they are so big and natural.

Carol Castro Half Naked In Public

carol castro big boobs outside

Even when her tits are hanging, they still look amazing. You can clearly see the perfect shape of them when she bends over a bit!

Kate Upton Lookalike

carol castro hairy

There’s a video of Kate Upton dancing in a red bra and similar lighting. And their tits are almost the same.

She’s a bit hairy, because she’s a natural brunette. But we know that thei hair on her arms won’t bother you.

And if her arms are that hairy, imagine what a gorgeous bush she could grow over her pussy if she wouldn’t shave.

But as you will see in the bikini pics section of this site, she’s clean shaven.

Perfectly Round Tits In A Black Top

carol castro cleavage

Even her collar bones are sexy!

This is the skinniest we’ve ever see her. Not that she is fat now, but she got juicier and curvier after her pregnancy.

Carol’s Cleavage In Blue

Carol castro necklace

Check out that crevasse! You could get lost between her tits. As you’ll notice in this article, she loves showing off her squeezed boobs in photos and videos.

Carol Castro’s Nipples

carol castro nipples

Because she has such massive titties, she almost always wears bras, which is why we don’t get to see her nipples so often.

But Carol’s nipples are showing through this sexy leather top.

You can guess the shape, size and color of her nipples in the comment section of this article.

Nice Cleavage View

carol castro round breasts

This is one of the most perfect down blouse pictures you will ever see. Her tits are bigger than some girl’s booties.

And they are so perfectly shaped when she bends over from the waist. In most cases, tits that big would sag so much.

But she is a perfect goddess who was made for spending a lot of time on all fours.

Her Small Boobed Friend Must Be So Jealous

carol castro jealous friend

Imagine how jealous her best friends are on her titties and ass.

And imagine how confident Carol feels whenever she is around regular girls who would never get so much attention and love from everyone around.

Massive Tits On The Red Carpet

carol castro red carpet

This picture of Carol Castro’s red carpet appearance left us speechless.

The photographers at the event surely got hard when she stepped onto the red carpet dressed like that.

She Can’t Even Stop Staring At Her Tits

carol castro down blouse

When you have such nice boobies, you tend to stare at them a lot!

She looks like she is saluting her titties in this picture and thanking her for all the fame and fortune they brought in her life. We thank mother nature for such a blessing too. And we also want to give some thanks to Carol’s mom

And She Gets To Touch Them Every Day

carol castro touching herself

You can bet that Carol plays with her titties a lot. After all, they’re the reason for her massive success. And I bet they make her horny too!

She Knows You Want To Touch Them Too

carol castro lips bite

That look in her eyes makes you feel like she can read your mind and she knows all the kinky dreams you have of her.

Her eyes reflect her naughty soul. You can be sure that she is just as sexually charged as she looks.

She’s surely the type of girl who never says no to any kink and fetish ideas.

She’s Giving You A Better View Of Her Cleavage

carol castro unbuttoned shirt

That’s the face she makes when a cock enters her pussy from behind.

Imagine how wild her titties would clap if you’d rail her from behind.

If she’d be your girlfriend, you’d want to see her fucked by other men from behind just to see her titties jiggling from the front.

Pumped Up Tits In Orange

carol castro tight top

Check out that tight bra is and how her titties overflow out of it!

Carol’s Tits Are So Big They Can’t Even Fit In A Selfie

carol castro sexy selfie

Even when she is trying to hide her titties in a tight sports bra, they’re still the center point of any picture.

She’s Such A Badass In That Leather Jacket

carol castro leather jacker

She’s mainly perceived as a badass chick by the public.

And she confirms that she’s a badass when she dresses up in black leather.

Wouldn’t you want her as your merciless mistress?

But She Also Has A Cute Side

carol castro ahegao

But she can be girly sometimes. She looks like an Anime girl in this picture. She surely does a killer ahegao face.

Carol Castro Wearing A Corset

carol castro corset

This photo will convince you that she is a fertility goddess.

Most women use corsets to cheat and give themselves forms.

When Carol Castro wears a corset, she shows off her true beauty.

Carol’s Tits In A White Dress

carol castro white dress

Here’s a pic without a corset to show you that she indeed has natural maddening curves.

She’s so juicy and she has mamacita vibes in this white dress!

Imagine Your Cum Running Down Her Chest

carol castro cumshot

Use your dirty imagination and enjoy her in this position after an exploding cumshot.

The Ultimate Carol Castro Ass Pics Selection

Carol is a true Latina who also has an enormous ass besides those gorgeous tits of hers.

Most people start following her for those juicy titties. But they fall in love with her once she starts shaking her ass in twerking thirst traps.

We’ve gathered some of the best Carol Castro ass pics that we could find.

And it was hard making the selection, because every picture of her ass is outstanding. With no further ado, let’s worship Carol Castro’s booty!

Carol’s Ass In Fishnet Pantyhose

carol castro fishnet stockings

This is the hottest photo of her big juicy ass. Imagine kneeling behind her and burying your face between those gorgeous butt cheeks.

Clear View Of Her Ass In Bikini

carol castro bikini ass

In case you’ve never seen her ass in a bikini thong, here it is!

Compare her ass with the booty of any of her friends.

You can compare it with the ass of porn stars even. Carol’s booty would still win.

Her Ass Also Looks Good In Pajamas

carol castro twerking

No wonder her husband got her pregnant so quickly.

Imagine that ass twerking on your dick when she’s bent from the waist like that.

You would cum in seconds!

And It’s Amazing In Tight Jeans

carol castro ass dance

Here’s a nice view of her teardrop shaped booty from the side in a pair of tight jeans.

Although tight jeans makes her ass seem smaller, it’s only because it’s squeezed in there.

When she takes off her jeans, her booty pops out and reveals it’s true size!

Carol Castro Twerking At The Beach

carol castro beach twerk

Her ass looks so great in that sexy outfit. The strings make it look like she’s in a public bondage session.

Her Ass Looks Massive In Leopard Prints

carol castro animal print

In this picture her booty looks phat as fuck. You could motorboat it without taking off her leggings.

Leggings that are loose and take the true shape of her body are showing the true size of her ass!

She Can Hypnotize You With That Booty

carol castro yoga pants

The print on those leggings combined with the hypnotizing movements of her ass could turn any man into her slave.

She Loves To Shake Her Booty Every Day

carol castro booty shake

Just another picture of her ass in blue jeans from one of her many thirst-trap twerking videos.

Maybe The Best Carol Castro Twerk Picture

carol castro throwing back

Whenever she combines a corset with a tight pair of shorts, her booty looks monumental. Have you ever seen one so perfect?

We Also Have A Picture Of Carol Castro’s Ass In Leather

carol castro ass leather

If you’re into leather or latex, this is the picture of Carol’s ass that will make you cum.

Here’s A Picture Of Her Ass In The Bathroom

carol castro bathroom

That toilet bowl is so lucky for seeing her ass and pussy every day!

Side View Of Her Sweet Ass

carol castro panties

We came back to the fishnet ass pics to explore her curves from all angles.

Her Ass Is So Big You Can See It From The Front

carol castro bent over

You could grab a handful of those hips when drilling her from behind. I bet she loves getting her love-handels squeezed when she is railed.

Another Front View Of Her Juicy Booty

carol castro wife hips

She’s got an ass so big that you can see it from the front.

Those are called childbearing hips, and no man would resist not breeding her once he gets to enter her pussy.

Carol Castro Voyeur Booty Pic

carol castro voyeur ass

And for the fans of voyeur porn, here’s a candid photo of Carol’s ass. The look of surprise on her face makes her so adorable.

The Wildest Carol Castro Bikini Pictures

Although she looks hot in any outfit she might choose, the true beauty of her curvy body can only be admired when she’s naked or wearing lingerie.

She doesn’t post too many lingerie pictures, because she would drive all of us insane.

But she does post a lot of bikini content, which is basically the same. Let’s admire this Carol Castro bikini pictures pack together.

Her Tits Look So Grat In Red

carol castro tits selfie

We chose this picture because she looks like an angel in it! Imagine dying and waking up in heaven to Carol’s face telling you that you’ll get to spend eternity together! You’d want to die right now if that would be the case!

Her Pussy Looks Great In Red Thongs Too

carol castro pussy slip

That bikini string looks so amazing on her hips. You’d love taking those thongs off with your teeth by the string while she is standing in front of you waiting for your mouth to please her pussy!

Who Wouldn’t Want To Have Carol Kneeling In Front Of Them?

carol castro kneeling

Rare photo of Carol Castro kneeling. Wouldn’t you love to have her kneeling in front of you and play with her hair while she works magic with those delicious looking lips?

Her Hips Look So Juicy In That Black Thong

carol castro bikini hips

Her friends might be hot, but she’s the hottest chick in the gang.

She’s the hottest chick wherever she goes.

It’s insane that she gets to have girl friends. They must be so envious.

She Loves Posing Slutty With Her Best Friends

carol castro thong

Another picture of a thong yanked in her crotch. Her pussy looks so inviting.

She has such Beyonce vibes in this photo and her girl friends are the rest of Destini’s Child.

Here’s A Bonus Picture Of The Trio

carol castro and friends

As you can see, her best friends are also hot. They also have nice boobies and juicy asses.

But every woman’s forms are eclipsed by the beauty and fertility of Carol Castro.

The Sexiest Carol Castro Pregnant Pictures

I bet you weren’t ready for this! We gathered some of the hottest Carol Castro pregnancy photos for you.

And if you’re one of the many guys who are horny for pregnant women, you won’t make it further than this section without cumming.

She Looks So Confident In This Pregnancy Picture

carol castro pregnant

This is one of her earliest pregnancy belly reveals.

She looks so confident and proud of herself. Her pregnancy glow starts showing.

Can You See Her Pregnancy Glow?

carol castro pregnancy

She looks straight out of a dream in this photo!

That oversize jacket could open like theater curtains to reveal the spectacle of her body!

If Only She Would Take That Hand Off Her Titty

carol castro naked

She starts looking like a mommy in this photo.

Those with a breast milk fetish will be so happy to see this pic!

Her Pregnancy Boobs Are Hanging So Deliciously

carol castro belly

Her belly started growing and she could use some help holding it up to give her a bit of relief.

Wouldn’t you love embracing her from behind and lifting up her belly like that.

Your cock would instantly get hard on her big booty!

Here’s A Front View Of Her Mommy Milkers

carol castro milf

But she’s still maintaining her sexiness, even though she’s in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Isn’t She The Hottest Pregnant Chick You’ve Ever Seen?

carol castro pregnancy glow

Wouldn’t you worship that pregnant belly so hard?

Isn’t She Adorable With A Big Belly In This Blue Dress?

carol castro blue dress

Satin really falls gorgeously on her pregnancy curves!

Here’s A Better View Of Her Belly In Blue

carol castro cute pregnant

All her forms are accentuated by her pregnancy.

We didn’t even imagine that she could look even more juicier than she already is, but here’s a picture to prove it!

Carol Castro Pregnant As A Brunette

carol castro brunette pregnant

She became a brunette right before giving birth.

This is the picture of her biggest pregnancy belly that we could find.

And for those who truly are into the whole pregnancy fetish, this is straight-on porn!

The Sluttiest Carol Castro Porn Pics

Because a Carol Castro OnlyFans is not a thing yet, we are in dire need of any sexual content of her.

But if you use your imagination, these next sexually suggestive pictures of Carol Castro could give you the same satisfaction as a sex tape.

Carol Castro In Latex

carol castro latex fetish

Let’s start with a pic for all those naughty latex fetish fellows.

If you thought her boobs couldn’t look better, check them out in that tight latex body.

She’s got a killer figure. And you can see the beauty of her legs and hips in this photo too.

On top of that, she has high cut domina boots that will entertain the imagination of any submissive fanboy!

Carol As A Dominatrix

carol castro dominatrix

If you’re one of her submissive fan boys who want to call her mistress, this photo of Carol Castro as a dominatrix is for you!

We especially love those high heels, who would look so great stepping on your cock.

Even when she’s blonde, she looks like such a hot mistress. And we can’t wait until she dresses up in some black outfits as a brunette!

Bent Over And Ready For Your Dick

carol castro doggy style

She knows how to bend over, as you’ve seen in so many of her twerking pics.

But this highly suggestive photo of her makes it easier for you to picture yourself behind that perfect booty, banging her hard while her tits are jiggling and her hair flies in all directions.

You Know She Likes To Be Chocked

carol castro chocking

She migh have domina vibes for the most part, but she also looks like she’s the kind of gal who would cum hard if the right daddy would choke her as he fucks her from behind.

This Is How She’d Look Giving You A Handjob

carol castro handjob

Have you ever heard of “The Stranger” masturbation technique?

It’s when you sit on your hand until it goes numb and then use your numbed hand to jerk off, making you feel like someone else is giving you a handjob.

Well, you can use that technique when staring at this picture and imagine that Carol Castro is jerking you off!

Carol Jerking Off Two Cocks At The Same Time

carol castro threesome

Fans have always speculated that Carol Castro had relationships with all the boys and men with whom she collaborated for content creation.

And after seeing this picture from one of her TikToks in which she clearly implies that she’s jerking off two dicks at the same time, we understand why her fans would speculate.

Those Lips Are Made For Sucking

carol castro lips

We praised every curve of her body. And we left her perfect lips for last!

Big And Meaty Wrapped Around Your Dick

carol castro mouth

Just look at those big meaty lips. Imagine how amazing those suction cups will feel on your hard cock if she’d go down on you.

Carol Castro surely is a blowjob goddess!

Here’s A Nice Selfie At The End

carol castro cum tribute

Which is perfect for a CUM TRIBUTE!!!

Congratulations if you made it so far without cumming.

We know it’s been hard! But now you can enjoy a blast after you’ve edged yourself to the best sexy photos Carol Castro.

You can use this picture as a cum tribute material, by either printing it out or cumming directly on the screen of your phone or laptop. You won’t regret it!

Carol Castro Nude Videos As A Bonus

Carol Castro is massively known on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Her fans are watching her YouTube content for updates on her life.

But her TikTok videos are watched by millions of horny men because she posts so many thirst traps.

Here are some of her sluttiest TikTok Dances in videos that will make you cum.

Carol Castro FAQ:

How Old Is Carol Castro?

18 years (born on 18th October, 2004)

How Many Followers Does Carol Castro Have?

16 million followers on her TikTok account (carolcastromx)

3.7 million followers on her Instagram account (carol_icastro)

1.01 million subscribers on her YouTube channel (@carolcastro1468)

Is Carol Castro Married?

Carol Castro is married to fellow influencer César Pantoja and they have a baby together.





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